Life Coach Nigeria

There is a first for everything. Your first day at work, your first mistake, your first challenge and lastly the first day you realise you need a change. It happens to all of us - in the workplace and at home. There comes a day, when all of a sudden, one needs a change like the dry plains need rain. The human condition will placate this urge with retail therapy, entertainment and small alterations in your habitat. Truth be told dear reader: Nothing will satisfy you until you change within yourself.

This is where I come in. I know what it takes to juggle a work-life balance. I have trained and coached many groups and individuals - corporate and life. How can I help you? I will show you the missing link in your career or home life. We will collaborate and dig deep. I will guide and give you steps. Before you know it, you will get clarity, start performing better, have more focus on your goals and ultimately see results.

Tentessa offers you a one-stop solution to life and work change.

We will have fun, look at case studies and learn together. I am offering you more than just lectures, I am presenting you and your staff an opportunity to grow from within and give you the tools to excel naturally.


It is no exaggeration to say this, your workshop on stress management was transformative both professionally and personally. This workshop will remain a high point of my life. Thank you! I feel energized. Neal Sewnarain - Peermont Hotel Umodzi Park