Stress is a silent killer that can lead to more serious issues like depression, panic attacks, heart attacks, stroke and even cancer. Our bodies usually give us warning signs that we often choose to ignore: Headache, stomach pain, insomnia, fatigue and irritability to mention a few. You don’t have to “live” with it, you can manage it, control it and fight it head on.

In this workshop you will learn to:

- When stress is most likely to happen in your life and what to do about it
- What circumstance can trigger stress and how to adapt better
- What can you do to make stress worse or better
- What will motivate you to take action and eliminate stress
- How to make stress work for you instead of against you
- Effective stress management techniques to minimise or avoid stress
- What to do when you start experiencing stress
- Create you own personalised stress management plan


Duration: 2 days | Time: 08:30 to 17:00

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