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I am Terri Mashanda, the founder and Managing director of Tentessa Training and Coaching. I am passionate about developing people, building effective and productive teams, and ultimately helping clients improve profitability. With more than 15 years of experience, which I earned living, working and running businesses in several African countries, I love training. Born in Zimbabwe, I have opened and operated businesses in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi. My qualifications include an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Warwick Business School  (UK) and I am a Certified Master Coach and a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation). Tindoz d’Afrique Limited and Gravitas Image, which has recently become Tentessa Coaching and Consulting are two of my succesfull businesses.

My coaching help individuals and teams understand their full potential and channel it to increase financial returns. This is not a quick fix, but the start of a journey with me offering post workshop support and guidance.



“You may never really understand how deep the class lessons were for me. I took the time to dig deep and felt a lot more better about myself, my strength and my supreme capability to be accountable. Hope to have more sessions with you in the future”.
John Chiedu Ekele: Robert Bosch Nigeria Ltd

"Appreciation for the wonderful reception and insights delivered we look forward to more of this soonest. " 
Olatunji Fatokun: Human Resources Manager - Pioneer Foods

“Great work yesterday. It was a game changer. We at Cloud Exchange wish you well in all. We will surely be presenting to our office”.
Maji Jacob: Senoir Client Manager  - Cloud Exchange West Africa (Ltd)

"Thank you so much Terri, this has been one of my best workshop on personal development.I had a total outpouring of my mind and soul. I really appreciate your effort at this and look forward to get more engagements".
Adeoye Afolabi -Cloud Exchange West Africa (Ltd)

“I loved the workshop thank you so much Terri for helping me be a better leader in my business”.  
-Micki Perepeczko -  Soaps and Things 
“A brilliant workshop on how to become  The confident you, I am going home so empowered and ready to conquer the world. Thank you” 
Anita Milovac – Anita Milovac Coaching International
“Terry is very modest, does not like the limelight but behind that beauty is an incredible brain. She is very smart and very logic, she is the one who asks all the right questions that I never think about when we are in a meeting, because she is that much into detail. She is an amazing woman and for the time that I have known her, she has shown me nothing but love and support and compassion without judgement. She is a true African queen., Today I appreciate you for the love and for the support. I appreciate you for who you are”. 
Pam Mago – PM Coaching for Small Business 

“It is no exaggeration to say this, your workshop on stress management was transformative both professionally and personally. This workshop will remain a high point of my life. Thank you! I feel energised” . 
Neal Sewnarain - Peermont Hotel Umodzi Park 
“Excellent Presenter, rapid pace and alot of variety”. 
Alex Phiri – Japan Tobacco International 

“Absolutely wonderful and transformational workshop. Not only did the experience provide me with an opportunity to make a change and make a difference in my life and that of others  it also provided me the opportunity to grow and learn about myself.”
David Ng’onamo – Japan Tobacco International


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