Enjoy Professional Tailor Made Corporate Training and Personal Attention after initial training.

No two companies, team or targets are the same. Tentessa will collaborate with you regarding the best training solution that suits you, your schedule and ultimately your goal. That said: If you want to book courses straight up, browse our workshop offerings and let me know what training interests you. Not sure? Give me a call and lets talk about it. Together is alway better.

Our ethos: Training as a journey

Soft skills training can teach one the basics. With role-play you can feel and see how your behaviour interacts with other people. However, it is still remote from experiencing it first hand in everyday business life. There is no guarantee that participants will apply newly learned techniques at the workplace at all. Though if they try, there may be practical obstacles they find difficult to circumvent.

Our solution is to combine soft skills training with personal coaching to support the knowledge transfer into the workplace and to ensure that repeated application will lead to new habits and competence. Delegates will enjoy post-workshop support, your training investment is precious to us.

At the end of the workshop series, a post-training evaluation questionnaire will ascertain whether the participants’ original learning expectations have been met. The participant shall conduct a follow-up evaluation exercise after the workshop series to ascertain the implementation of learnt skills.

Duration of Workshops
This will vary once again depending on our discussion with the client but they will vary from 1-3 days We can customize the content and will have ample opportunity to tie it to your audience’s needs by making statements or asking questions that relate to client.

Preparation time
1 Week before the start of workshop

This depends on the client and their requirements.

Payment Procedures:
Through our banking details, to be provided on the invoice and a 60% deposit - training will be initiate

This will vary either at the client premises or at an appointed venue

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