Tentessa Visions and Goals Workshop Nigeria



We all have things we want in life. The route to success is to take the things that we dream about and wish for, and turn them into reality. Most people don’t have a vision for their ideal future, for various reasons. They either don’t know how to create one, are too busy to think about it, or are just unaware of its power. In this workshop you can become one of the few people in the world who knows the secrets to creating a purposeful vision of an ideal future, then acting on it to start bringing it into reality.

In this workshop you will learn to:

- Identify what’s important to you in your life
- Use goal setting activities and appropriate language to articulate what you want in your life
- Explain what your dreams and goals are for both the short and long term
- Use motivating techniques to help you reach your goals
- Understand how to deal with setbacks


- How to think strategically over the long term, using your newfound vision setting skills
- How to set and take small, measurable action steps that guide you to your vision like a divining rod guides people to water
- How to eliminate distractions and be focused with razor-sharp clarity at all times
- How to live with a greater intention and purpose, which makes success inevitable


Duration: 1 day | Time: 08:30 to 17:00

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