General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A coach is your accountability partner in success and can help you discover your passion, values, and strengths

Training goals are usually external to the individual and are based on the organization’s goals.

Coaching is more complex and fluid than training. It focuses on the future and moves beyond the feeling of being “stuck”. It’s for your professional development.

Yes you can! Coaching is for. Individual professional growth and does not have the same specific outcomes to training, when they are both combined you see best results in one-self and the organisation.

Usually needs about 12 individual sessions to see real change in one-self. 

I coach my clients 2-3 times per month, in person or via telephone. Clients have a recurring appointment, usually the first and third week of the month.

People from all walks of life find coaching useful. I work with a variety of professionals in the financial, retail, manufacturing service, agriculture education etc.  

I do not talk about my clients. As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I maintain strict confidentiality for all your business and personal information.