Sales have always been a major concern for business owners over the years. Usually, what makes a successful business does not always depend only on the kind of product you sell. Like the Zulu proverb saying goes, “A home is only a home when it has visitors,” similarly, a business is only a business when it makes sales.

The word sales is a familiar term that we quickly assume we understand. Unfortunately, most people only understand sales at the very basics. So, the big question is, what is sales, especially from a business perspective? By getting the deep business meaning of sales, you will see positive changes in how you relate with your customers and how you do other business activities.

In fact, your ability to drive sales depends on your understanding of the definition of sales. That way, you will see as a leader if your business aligns with the definition, and you can make changes where necessary.

To help you drive sales, this article talks about the definition of sales, and we also have some suggestions on how you can improve sales.

If you do not sell your head, no one will buy it — Yoruba proverb.


The business dictionary defines sales as the activity of selling products or services. The dictionary also describes it as the alternative term for sales revenue or sales volume.

While these two definitions give an idea of what sales is, the concept of sales goes deeper than that. When you understand sales from that perspective alone, there are chances that it will have adverse effects on your sales strategy. You will have more invasive sales strategies that are business-focused rather than customer-focused.

First, you need to know that sales is not just about convincing customers to buy your products. Similarly, it is not about persuading them to do away with their money. When you design your sales strategy along these lines, people quickly sense it, and it can be a major turn-off.

In the real sense, sales is about helping your clients meet their genuine needs. That is, actively listening to them to understand their pains and specific needs.

The aim of a good sales strategy is a win-win situation. That is, providing a cost-effective solution for clients on time while making a profit simultaneously.


An American Author, Christopher Mc Dougal, once said, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion, or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

For you to drive sales in Africa, there is a need to develop a winning strategy. Your strategy is a plan that will guide you and help you promote your business sales. Follow these steps to build the right marketing strategy:-

  • Evaluate your product, and that includes what your brand entails, it’s packaging and the costs.
  • Determine the price. You don’t just sell at whatever price you want. You need to consider factors when deciding the price, and that includes the price of your competitors.
  • Find the best location for your product. This goes further to show the importance of knowing your target audience.
  • Focus on how to promote your brand. It helps you generate the sales that your brand needs.
  • Add Value to Your Brand

Finally, while you try to improve your sales, you must understand that the process is a constant one. That is, at every stage of growth in your business, you will find yourself faced with a new challenge that disturbs you from making sales. At the very basics, you might be talking about building loyalty and trust with your clients. However, as you grow, you might want to build partnerships to drive sales.

That means you need to nurture relations and develop excellent public relations with your customers and other business owners like you, that way, you also create a sure client base for yourself. You can attain that sales figure you have imagined; however, you might need a little help getting there. I can help you build some of these skills and many more in you to sell your products far and wide and generate the revenue that your business needs to grow.

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